Congratulations on your engagement!

Your wedding day will be a treasured day to remember. I would enjoy assisting you with planning the ceremony and officiating one of the most important ceremonies of your life.

I am available to perform weddings at the venue of your choice. We work together on your ceremony so that the components reflect your tastes and beliefs.

I prefer meeting with the couple in person for one or two sessions. Knowing you increases the intimacy that can be woven into your ceremony. However, I am flexible and am also willing to plan the ceremony over the phone or using e-mail if necessary. I will coordinate your rehearsal or work with your wedding planner to ensure a beautifully choreographed wedding ceremony.

I have married couples in their homes, at golf courses, wineries, rustic ranches, art museums, parks and gardens, retreat centers, historical sites, ballrooms, restaurants, and scenic overlooks.

Regarding my fees, I have many years of training and experience that have prepared me to design your ceremony to honor you and those who have come to witness the celebration of your marriage. My goal is to make my service affordable to you while respecting my expertise in the field. Every couple's financial circumstances are different, and I am certainly willing to negotiate. Please contact me and request my Ceremony Options and Fees.

I believe in giving back to the community and will send 5% of every honorarium to the Multnomah County Humane Society.

I look forward to the opportunity to make your wedding ceremony a true celebration of your shared love and commitment.


You can reach Pastor Sandi by email

directly by telephone

(208) 724-5462

or through Facebook.

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